Is the US Dollar Doomed? Saudi Arabia’s Potential BRICS Alliance May Mean the End of an Era – Here’s What You Need to Know

Kim Iversen really breaks it down well.  The gist is that the once unshakeable US dominance is showing signs of eroding as the tides of global power begin to shift. The once-mighty dollar is on the verge of losing its coveted status as the world’s reserve currency in an era of geopolitical intrigue and unprecedented alliances. According to CNN and Fox News, the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are gaining momentum to break free from the dollar’s grip. While Mexico may succumb to US pressure and decline to join BRICS, the potential entry of Saudi Arabia could send shockwaves through the US and threaten the dollar’s hegemony.

The BRICS alliance, founded on principles of peace, security, development, and cooperation, has piqued the interest of nations eager to embrace this new world order. The impending demise of the US dollar is a ticking time bomb, poised to unleash a slew of difficulties.

A deal struck over 70 years ago between the United States and Saudi Arabia guaranteed security in exchange for oil sales only in dollars. This arrangement flooded the world with dollars, cementing the dollar’s dominance. However, if Saudi Arabia reconsiders its reliance on US security, diversifying their currency reserves could result in a flood of dollars returning to the US, unleashing rampant inflation. It begs the question of whether politicians are willing to go to war to avert a financial apocalypse. The time has come for a national debate.

As we speed towards a future defined by Central Bank digital currencies and the threat of a surveillance state, it is time to consider alternatives and protect our financial sovereignty. With rising international tensions and the ever-present threat of inflation, the wisdom of holding gold has never been clearer. Take advantage of the Birch Gold Group’s offer of a free safe with qualifying gold purchases until March 31, 2019. The time has come to act; let the discussion begin.

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