Is World War III and Economic Collapse Imminent? Experts Warn of the Great Unraveling and Urge You to Prepare Today!

Experts in the market are warning of the Great Unraveling, which is causing a stock market crash and record inflation. Social Security benefits could be reduced, taxes raised, and investments continue to fall. The experts advise people to read a free report at to prepare for what’s to come. Gerald Celente, a guest on The Daniella Cambone Show, is concerned about the future and the outbreak of World War III as a result of Ukraine-Russia conflict. He does, however, mention positive trends that could exacerbate society if the war does not continue to escalate.

The author contends that recent actions by the United States and Ukraine demonstrate that neither country desires peace, and that a false flag or nuclear exchange could be used to formalize the conflict. The author also emphasizes the economic risks of the ongoing war, citing IMF warnings about a difficult year ahead and the possibility of a global recession. The author links this to previous economic issues, such as the repo markets in 2019 and the COVID lockdowns, and contends that central banks’ cheap money policies have prevented a market crash while also creating a dangerous economic situation.

The article examines the potential impact of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) on the global economy, as well as the role of the United States in retaining its superpower status. According to the author, the US may resort to war to maintain its power, whereas the BRICS are focused on developing their economies. The article also discusses the Federal Reserve’s potential actions, including a possible rate hike in February and the recent increase in central bank gold purchases.

The President’s power and financial firms like Black Rock and Blackstone control the economy and the Federal Reserve. The likelihood of QE returning in 2023 is high, and the government may introduce a digital currency to control and tax people’s spending. Central banks are buying record amounts of gold, which is regarded as the best safe haven asset. Gold will become even more valuable as the world goes digital. The world has gone AI, and TikTok is the most widely followed story. It is not recommended to keep money in a bank to protect oneself.

The interview covers a variety of topics, including TikTok’s rise as a news source, the growing use of AI in journalism, and the future of digital currencies. The interviewee believes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will remain important until governments fully embrace digital currencies, and that the US dollar will continue to dominate due to a lack of competition. The interview concludes with a story about former Texas Governor John Connolly, who famously took a bullet in the back during President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and later became Treasury Secretary under President Richard Nixon.

The speaker believes that the US political system is rigged and corrupt, with wealthy donors wielding far too much power. They argue that political donations should be limited and that the current system is not truly democratic. The speaker proposes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President and Judge Andrew Napolitano for Vice President, citing the need for a new third party. They criticize current political leaders like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Schiff, as well as share their own encounters with public figures.

The text is a transcript of an interview with Gerald Celente, who discusses his political experiences and decision to leave the Senate. He also emphasizes the importance of maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as doing something positive to help others every day. The main takeaways are to remain positive, to help others, and to prioritize personal growth and well-being.


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